• 5 lakh invested in 2012 would have got u apartment worth 9 crores

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    Stock markets are down, property market is down and so is gold and silver...

    Huge gains are excluding all of us but there have been some oppurnities which have been missed by most of us where one could have made millions and millions in just four years....


    Have you heard about something like Indo count???


    Now u just check out:

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    Indo Count Industries Ltd is one of India's leading vertically integrated textile manufacturing companies, was incorporated as a public limited company in 1988. Promoted by Mr. Anil Kumar Jain and associates. 

    Home Textile Division is first-of-its-kind in the state of Maharashtra. The company has invested in modern technology and equipment across all areas of its operations. The manufacturing technology compares favorably with global standards and offers great speed, versatility and quality.

    Now see the share price movement on NSE/BSE

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    If someone bought 1 lakhs shares on 12 Mar 2012 and sold them on 10 Mar 2016 would fetch him 9 crores...

    see this is no bollywood movie, its factual.



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